Teenagereplay 2013


wells in me

temporarily quelled by some sugary

but i’m still smoldering

how can I be content?

or burn so bright that

my desires are ashes in

the face of the light of

what I can be?


I thought of these things

called emotions… of never wanting to be like you

but convinced of social responsibility

I feel able to continue to persist

like this until I die.

but I’m not sure sometimes,

It feels like

I’m shaped by

the things you say and do-

when I talk to you

I’ve learned to change

how I act or RAGE in your face,

what you can’t control

neither could I,

like this

give the world all I have to give

(Just wondering, was frustration just a product of mulling over things while some action on my truth was readily available?)

Hamster brain 2013

Tell myself I need to rise above these self consuming lies

that life can’t be a roll of perpetual compromises

my uncle said look, you’re headed one of two ways: higher or lower.

I go around on these same tracks over and over.

until I sit and let it bubble over

Dream new recipes and start over

The mind is like a border collie. If you let it sit around in the house, it’ll wreck the house. But if you give it a mission it can do great things for you.

(Paraphrasing Kyle Cease, in The Limitation Game Interactive)